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DAConnectivity license issue

28 Jun 2018 07:09 #6481 by support

Although I understand you can see the exception in relation to LicenseInfo, this problem is very unlikely to be related to licensing at all.

Can you please answer some questions?

1. Have you tried this on more computers or just one - and if on more, what were the results?
2. Which version and build of QuickOPC?
3. Which version of Visual Studio?
4. Have you ever had a different version/build of QuickOPC installed on the computer where the problem occurs?
5. Where does the error appear ? - in a message box? Is there a way to obtain more details of it? (such as InnerException)?
6. Please install to see if that does not resolve the problem.

Best regards

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27 Jun 2018 16:13 #6480 by CAbrams
Trying to transition from DAClient reads to live binding. Using licensed QuickOPC Ultimate and when I place DAConn on form of my existing app for first time all works well. If I close and reopen the existing app I can no longer access the Point Editor as it crashes VisualStudio. If I make a fresh app the point editor works flawlessly after close/open. I did notice that the DAConn control has appropriate license collection info but the DAConn control in my existing app says "The type initializer for 'OpcLabs.EasyOpc.DataAccess.EasyDAClient' threw an exception." for LinceseInfo. Please advise how to resolve.

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