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Problem with license on a server after deployment ASP.NET web app

08 Feb 2018 11:59 #6004 by support
Now when you have mentioned the IIS, here is one thing to be aware of:

The license is stored in the registry. For the license to be recognized, the process (that runs QuickOPC) must have read access to the corresponding registry keys. That is normally not a problem under "interactive" user accounts and traditional desktop applications, but it can be an issue when QuickOPC runs as Windows service, or in hosted environments (such as IIS).

IIS has one process for each Application Pool, and the application pool runs under a configurable user account. You need to assure that this user account has read access to the registry keys where the license is stored.

I, of course, do not know yet if is/was somehow your issue. But I wanted to let you know. The registry keys are documented in the User's Guide.

Best regards

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08 Feb 2018 11:43 #6003 by Jaroslav.Cap
I restarted all OPC services and IIS on the server. Now it's running for 1 hour, I suppose the problem is solved.

Thank you for quick reply and sorry for bothering you.

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08 Feb 2018 08:22 #6000 by support
What you have described appears to be done correctly, and I am surprised that it does not work.

Can you send me the precise text of the error/exception you receive after these 30 minutes?

Best regards

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08 Feb 2018 08:17 #5999 by Jaroslav.Cap

I have installed QuickOPC-2017.2-Full.exe on the development computer, applied a license file in license manager and the applications works well on the development PC (longer than 30 minutes).

After development I published the application on a server (the same server, where the OPC server runs) and the application run only for first 30 minutes - I performed the same installation process on the server too. Installed QuickOPC-2017.2-Full.exe and registered the same license. I installed also the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Update 3 (vc_redist.x64.exe) but it doesn't help. Server application runs only for 30 minutes.

What did I wrong or what I missed, please?

Thank you,

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