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Run time is over the limit

19 Jul 2016 08:38 #4237 by support
Replied by support on topic Run time is over the limit
Dear Sir,

QuickOPC does not support Windows XP - roughly since the time Microsoft has stopped supporting it.

For a list of supported operating system, see the Concepts document that comes with each product/version.

It is possible to install the license without a License Manager. If you need instructions for that, let me know. But even if you manage to install the license on Windows XP, there are other things that may not work. We simply do not support that.

Best regards

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14 Jul 2016 12:53 #4231 by MrASmidth
Dear All,

i developed an app to read something. Works fine on my developer machine but after deploying i get Error.

Run time is over the limit. The license you have (most likely trial version) does not provide valid data after certain time period expires. Note that after the component's process is simply restarted, valid data will be provided again, and so over. Obtain and install proper license to permanently resolve this error.

I read in the "Concepts"-Dok that i have to install licence manager on the prodution machine and provide with license-info.

But i can't rund License-Manager on the production machine due to error:
LicenseManager ist keine zulässige Win32-Anwendung!

Develop Machine: Win7
Produciton Machine: XP

Any help is welcome.


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