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Smaller installation package for production environment

10 Oct 2016 19:50 #4440 by support
There will be a production installer package in upcoming QuickOPC version. Release date is not yet fixed but could be first half of December 2016.

In the beta, the production installer is approximately 10 MB in size. It can also be easily automated form the command line, including an automated installation of the license.

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09 May 2016 14:52 #4030 by support
We do not have a production-only installation package currently. Will consider it for some future version.

There is an "Application Deployment" section in the documentation which describes how you can deploy just the necessary parts manually, or automate that process. As you are probably already doing manual steps anyway, you should be able to just pick the necessary files, make an archive (ZIP or so), and transfer that over.

For .NET applications, that's roughly about it. For COM usage, one needs to REGASM the assemblies. (and for both, install the license)

We can help with concrete details to this process if they are not clear from the doc.

Best regards
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09 May 2016 14:45 #4029 by frighini
Hi all,

is there an installation package smaller in size for production environment?

My problem is that our production machines (many machine) are connected throught a slow network: at the moment i'm using QuickOPC-5.34.exe but it is 94Mb and it takes 6hours to copy on the servers.
On production env i need only the runtime (no code example or other not mandatory stuff).

Thanks in advance!

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