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Error 0x80040155 (REGDB_E_IIDNOTREG)

09 Oct 2010 07:26 #108 by support
From: B.
Sent: Friday, October 08, 2010 8:44 PM
To: Zbynek Zahradnik
Cc: F.
Subject: RE: COMException


F. and I discussed about this. We have recently started to use the newer OPC Core Components. Before that we did a lot of tests with different operative systems without problems.



From: Zbynek Zahradnik
Sent: den 8 oktober 2010 20:00
To: B.
Subject: RE: COMException


One possibility is that this has to do with installation of OPC proxies.

Have the OPC Core Components been properly installed – and weren’t there something done afterwards that could either uninstall the proxies or replace them with incorrect ones? Also note that the OPC Core Components sometimes silently forgets to actually install the proxies if prerequisites (certain .NET Framework version – see QuickOPC documentation) aren’t installed.

Have you tried some other OPC client on the same machine?


From: B.
Sent: Friday, October 08, 2010 6:59 PM
To: Zbynek Zahradnik
Subject: COMException


During tests today on a customer’s computer we got a problem with the new QuickOPC I haven’t seen before.

As soon we started QuickOPC we got the error
On the Swedish XP operative the information was if a try to translate: “The interface has not been registrated(Exception from HRESULT 0x80040155)”

It has been installed on different machines even on Swedish operative. Any ideas?

Have a nice weekend.


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