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Client cannot install license - cannot select component

16 Aug 2023 17:02 #12017 by ScottEwine
Ok, figured it out, needed to create the two registry entries...

The license is stored in the registry, under the following key:


In order to install the license, this key and anything that is beneath it, must be properly deployed to the target machine.

Note: On 64-bit systems, the license is stored in 32-bit registry. When the registry is accessed from 64-bit application, you must use the following key instead:


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16 Aug 2023 15:40 #12015 by support

If you do not use the installation program (there is also a Production Installer just for this purpose), you need to create empty registry key(s) that holds the available component name.


You can, however, also embed the license key right into your project, and no licensing steps will then be necessary at the target computer:

I hope this helps.

Best regards

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16 Aug 2023 15:34 #12014 by ScottEwine
I have created a visual studio .net console app for a customer, and they are having trouble licensing it. They cannot select a component to license. What do they need to do for this to be selectable? I have purchased "QuickOPC Ultimate, Single Developer + Runtime Free License, With 5 Years Upgrade Assurance".

What do I need to provide to the customer, I think just the licensemanager.exe and the key .bin file, is that correct?

Any help would be appreciated.



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