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OpcLabs.BaseLib.Runtime.InteropServices.ExtendedCOMException (unexpected)

09 Nov 2022 05:34 #11194 by Nemcek

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08 Nov 2022 07:53 #11192 by support

As far as I can tell, the client side (QuickOPC) is working as expected. This is an error given to us by the COM/DCOM infrastructure, and it indicates what it says - and it relates either to the target OPC server, or the OPCEnum service on the target computer. The client code code cannot do much about it, except reporting and retrying.

- Check the target computer Windows logs around and before the time the problem occurred.
- Check how the OPC server is configured in DCOMCNFG. Is it set to run as a service? If so, under which user account? If it is a specific account, is it correct one? If it is something like "Interactive User", or "Launching User", then it could be a problem too, because these can change depending on either who is logged in (or nobody), or who is the OPC client (which can change).
- Check the same in DCOMCNFG for the OPCEnum service.

Best regards

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07 Nov 2022 20:48 - 07 Nov 2022 20:51 #11190 by Nemcek
I have today encountered this weird and unexpected error. The app has worked without a problem for a few months before.
Google did not find anything useful. All advises are welcome!!!

InnerException (System.Exception) {"The service did not start due to a logon failure.\r\n+ The client method called (or event/callback invoked) was 'WriteMultipleItemValues[1]'."} System.Exception {OpcLabs.BaseLib.Runtime.InteropServices.ExtendedCOMException}

QualifiedName {} OpcLabs.BaseLib.Xml.XmlQualifiedName2
Last edit: 07 Nov 2022 20:51 by Nemcek.

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