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WPF compatibility

16 Sep 2013 11:50 #1424 by edokt
Replied by edokt on topic WPF compatibility
Thank you for your response
It's quite full :-)

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14 Sep 2013 17:09 #1423 by support
Replied by support on topic WPF compatibility
We have multiple "programming models". Two basic models are most used:

- procedural coding (i.e. you instantiate our component in the code, and call methods on it), and
- Live Binding (using Visual Studio designer, you bind OPC data to properties of visual objects).

The procedural coding provides objects on which other models build upon. The procedural coding works in all .NET environments we know about, including WPF.

The Live Binding is for Windows Forms only. It should also work when a Windows Form container is placed onto WPF form. If you want to "animate" properties of WPF controls, you can always do so without Live Binding: Instantiate our component (typically, an EasyDAClient object, for OPC Data Access), call a method subscribe to OPC item changes, and implement a callback method or an event handler to process the incoming data and update the properties of visual controls.

Let me know if you need further help
Best regards,
Zbynek Zahradnik
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14 Sep 2013 16:33 #1421 by support
WPF compatibility was created by support
I have a question related to your OPC Client Toolkit
Are Easy OPC client controls compatible with WPF?


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