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GE iFix OPC-UA component initialization error

19 Aug 2021 13:52 #10129 by support

I need to know the actual error code and error message returned from QuickOPC call(s).

Best regards

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19 Aug 2021 12:41 #10128 by bvader

our customer has a strange error on our application developed in GE iFix 6.0. We are using QuickOPC Client as a COM object in the VBA environment of GE iFix.

Problem is the following:

- customer restarts the computer and iFix is started automatically
- user wants to login to the system where the Login form uses QuickOPC component to log in the user to the security system
- calls to the QuickOPC component return a general error and user is unable to login to the system
- I use a DEV bypass and close the iFix Workspace application and start it again
- user can succesfully log in

It looks like the QuickOPC component hasn't "initialized" because of some reason when the Worksapce application was started for the first time. If we close and open the Workspace againg everything works fine.

When Workspace is started for the first time all of the other functions and scripts, which don't call QuickOPC functions, work and execute normally.

Is ther a function or an argument to "Initialize" the component when the Workspace starts so that these restarts of the workspace application wouldn't be necessary?

OPC UA server is available at all times and I doubt that the server is causing problems.

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