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OPC UA client developed with 2019 version of QuickOPC crashes under 2020 version

13 Aug 2020 11:18 #8758 by support

we do not want people use old trial versions. Older versions has less feature and can have more bugs. The trial version runs for some amount of time since release, usually 9-13 months. During that time we normally release one or more new versions. I would expect that to try out a product, such time should be sufficient, don't you agree? Paid licenses have no such limitation.

If the normal trial validity time is not enough, then yes, you can either upgrade to a newer version, or you can ask us for an evaluation license, free of charge, that would cover the older versions, and will extend this time by couple of months, depending on your needs.

Regarding the crash: Make you sure you re-generate the QuickOPC units from their respective type libraries. This is described in the documentation, and failure to do so is the most likely reason for the crash.

Best regards
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13 Aug 2020 08:59 #8757 by jkahlert

I developed an OPC UA client under the 2019 (trial) version of QuickOPC under DELPHI on a Win 7 PC which ran without problems. Now I had to change to the 2020 version of QuickOPC cause the 2019 version was 'obsolete', also I had to change to a Win 10 PC cause the 2020 version seems to run no longer under Win 7. My client application now crashes immediately when I start it (program window disappears). I made no changes to the DELPHI source code so far and did not recompile the project. What can I do?

Best regards


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