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Please support PackageReference for NuGet packages

20 Sep 2018 05:14 #6691 by support
There should be no need for the App_Web_* assemblies to be contained in the output folder, in 99% of cases. These assemblies are embedded inside the EasyOpcClassic assembly and loaded in runtime as necessary.

Do you actually have a problem in terms that something does not work as it should? If so, please describe it (guidelines: ). If you just think that these files should be in your output folder, but everything else works, then it is as designed, and there is no problem to speak about, as explained above.

Best regards

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19 Sep 2018 23:41 #6690 by binki
If I try to use PackageReference to reference packages versions 5.52.184 or 5.53.315, the nuspec only references OpcLabs.BaseLib.dll, OpcLabs.BaseLibForms.dll, OpcLabs.EasyOpcClassic.dll, and OpcLabs.EasyOpcUA.dll.

Please consider testing your packages with a VisualStudio-15.8 .csproj which references the NuGet using PackageReference instead of packages.config and verify that the bin/Debug folder contains the necesary App_Web_OpcLabs.EasyOpcClassicRaw.amd64.dll and App_Web_OpcLabs.EasyOpcClassicRaw.x86.dll files. Maybe these need to be added to as references to the .nuspec and a version bump released to get it to work?


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