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× The Connectivity Explorer application allows you to navigate through hierarchy of OPC Data Access and OPC Unified Architecture servers and data nodes. You can subscribe to data changes, and view the results live.

Selected data can be transferred to Excel, where it continues to stay subscribed, giving cell values that are dynamically updated with live OPC data.

AVAEVA OPC UA node InTouch Alarm Groups not browsable

09 Nov 2022 17:15 #11196 by support

The reason for the missing nodes is that they are referenced from the "InTouch Alarm Groups" using the "HasChild" reference type.

HasChild is not the type of reference to be used for this purpose. In addition, HasChild is an abstract reference type, which means that no references of directly this type must ever appear in the address space of the server (only derived non-abstract types of HasChild can be used). The UA server is therefore not compliant with the OPC UA specification in this respect.

Best regards

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09 Nov 2022 16:01 #11195 by rhaubner
Hello community,

we were using QuickOPC with especially the Excel Option together with KepServer running on our old Wonderware HMI.
Now we are about upgrading to AVEVA HMI 2020 R2 SP1, the successor version, that comes with OPC UA services builtin.
The interesting node tree would be the InTouch Alarm Group, but in Connectivity Explorer it always appears to be empty, no child nodes visible at all.

But in Address Space Browser we can see at least something

The purpose was so far to make it easy for the process engineers and operators to simply browse the tags, copy/paste the RTD sstring into excel and let them run some calculations on real time tag value data.

Is there any experience with this here in the community, how to get this working?



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