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× The Connectivity Explorer application allows you to navigate through hierarchy of OPC Data Access and OPC Unified Architecture servers and data nodes. You can subscribe to data changes, and view the results live.

Selected data can be transferred to Excel, where it continues to stay subscribed, giving cell values that are dynamically updated with live OPC data.

Despite license in demo mode

13 Sep 2018 07:34 #6641 by support

Besides installing the Excel Option license, have you also installed the license for the QuickOPC itself?


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13 Sep 2018 07:09 #6640 by ZHAW
We bought a license SerN°1980991329 for ExcelOption. The license manager displays the status ACTIVE. But after about 15 minutes the connectivity explorer still switches to demo mode ("Run time is over the limit in license "Multipurpose". The license you have (most likely trial version) does not provide valid data after certain time period expires. Note that after the component's process is simply restarted, valid data will be provided again. Obtain and install proper license to permanently resolve this error").
Does the license have to be validated online or what can we do for changing in a license mode?

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