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Bad Nonce invalid

30 Nov 2022 16:06 #11274 by tangoristo
Bad Nonce invalid was created by tangoristo
i have a problem with QuickOPC library and a Beckhoff OPC-server.

When i try to read a variable, i receive an error:

- InnerException (System.Exception) {"UA SDK error (Opc.UA.ServiceResult=0x80240000) in 'static Session.Create'. OPC UA service result - {BadNonceInvalid}. Server nonce is not the correct length or not random enough." & vbCrLf & "+ Connection attempt #1; last connected at 01/01/0001 00:00:00 (local); unconnected for 00:00:00.0630000." & vbCrLf & "+ The client method called (or event/callback invoked) was 'ReadMultiple[1]'."} System.Exception {OpcLabs.EasyOpc.UA.Engine.UAEngineException}

The OPC server is configured to accept connections with security policy and message security mode set to none.

Anonymous is disabled, i use username and password for establish the connection.
I 've tried to set the following parameter to False but it doesn't work anyway:

EasyUAClient.IsolatedParameters.SessionParameters.RequireUniqueServerNonce = False
EasyUAClient.IsolatedParameters.SessionParameters.RequireValidServerNonce = False

For me is very difficult to change anything in the OPC server because is provided from an external company and is better for me to find a client side solution.
Does anyone have any solution?

Thanks in advance.

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