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Timeout After Version Upgrade and OS Update

17 Jan 2022 08:11 #10539 by support

While this *can* be QuickOPC (OPCData) client issue, it is much more likely that is has nothing to do with us, and the QuickOPC is behavior is correct.
If removing (or perhaps somewhat increasing the timeout) causes the timeout errors to disappear, it is almost guaranteed that is was the server (or communication) causing the operation to take that long. And that's why we have the timeouts, to protect against this.

If the errors occur relatively frequently, and the customer is able to tweak the system without disrupting it, it might be possible to put the OPC Analyzer in between, take a trace of the OPC comms, and then analyze "who is at fault". There is a danger, however, that it either will not work, or that it will change the behavior.

Best regards

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05 Jan 2022 17:05 #10532 by ZParham

The user has provided a list of all machines, including the OS versions and builds.

The ones that are highlighted in red are those where they have seen this exception occur. Based on this, it seems to me that this is not OS version or build dependent.


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05 Jan 2022 16:14 #10531 by ZParham

We have a user who is seeing a timeout issue after a round of OPC Data Client upgrades and Windows updates on some of his client machines.

He is receiving a periodic timeout error (RawEasyDAClient.HResult=0xC004C001) on some of his OPC DA clients built with 2020.3 when doing single reads and writes (ReadItem and WriteItem). These were previously built with 2016.3 and did not see this exception. He upgraded to versions built with 2020.3 at the time the Windows updates were run. Not all machines had Windows updates, but all were upgraded to 2020.3.

When he removes the lines of code he has which set the timeout, this error no longer occurs, but periodically, data updates take longer than 10 seconds to occur. This is what I expected to occur, as the lines he removed set the timeout to 10 seconds:
EasyDA.InstanceParameters.Timeouts.ReadItem = 10000
EasyDA.InstanceParameters.Timeouts.WriteItem = 10000

Because of this, we believe it may have to do with changed security parameters in the OS after Windows Updates leading to a slowdown, but I was curious if you had seen this or anything similar before. Previously, 10 seconds was long enough to prevent timeout errors. There were no changes on the network.

Of concern to me is that the exception provided in the client is not the same as the exeception shown in the minidump he captured. The minidump shows 0x80000004 instead. Attached are the OPC Data Client threads that were captured. The minidump captured at the time of this error occurring can be downloaded from here:

I suspect that either this is an issue with a specific Windows build, or certain DCOM settings were changed when the Windows update occurred. I have asked the user to provide a list of the version and build of each client machine, along with whether or not that machine is seeing this periodic error, and I will pass this along to you as soon as I receive it.

Thank you, as always!
Zachary Parham

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