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OPC Connection with Matrikon OPC Tunneller

30 Jul 2017 19:20 #5384 by support
Matrikon OPC Tunneller's ProgID is invalid, because it contains colons (':'). For rules about ProgIDs, see e.g. .

The colons cause it to be misinterpreted when used in place of server URI string (the "Tunneler:" part is considered to be a scheme name). In order to resolve this, use
DAVtqResult[] vtq = client.ReadMultipleItems(
    new ServerDescriptor("", "Tunneller:"), 
Best regards

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19 Jul 2017 16:08 #5374 by jmolina
Hi, I'm testing your software with Matrikon OPC servers. The results are very good with simulators and normal OPC servers, but when I tried to connect to an OPC Server throught Matrikon OPC Tunneller, the code doesn't return anything. Could be an sintaxys problem?, this is my code
var client = new EasyDAClient();
DAItemDescriptor[] tags = new DAItemDescriptor[2];
tags[0] = new DAItemDescriptor("TCP CHANNEL>F20>DB11:DINT:72");
tags[1] = new DAItemDescriptor("TCP CHANNEL>F20>DB11:DINT:60");
DAVtqResult[] vtq = client.ReadMultipleItems("Tunneller:", tags);

Do you have experience to use your connectors with Tunneller? What is the correct way to use ReadMultipleItems with tunneller? Is necessary to put only the CLSID? The OPC Siemens is online and the TAGS are fine.

Thanks in advance. :(

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