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Getting all Zero Values after Kepware Server restarted after demo period

31 Jul 2015 12:59 #3474 by support
Are you sure you were truly getting zero values, and not an error (in which case there is *no* valid value, timestamp or quality, not even a zero). With ReadMultipleItems method, an error would be indicated by a non-null .Exception property in any/all of the result objects returned by the method.

Maybe you can post the piece of code that call the read and interprets the outcome?

Thank you

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31 Jul 2015 11:09 #3472 by pankaj
We have a Window Service, which connects to "Kepware Server" and perform various operations (subscribe/read/ Write tags).

In our testing we have noticed that the if the kepware server we are using is on a 2 hour demo time period. once the demo period expired, we started getting bad quality values, which is understood.

However when we restarted Kepware, we started getting all 0 values from "ReadMultipleItems" functions for all tags. All good quality data but 0 values. When we re-started our service, only then we started getting proper values. It is desired behavior or do we need to subscribe again to get valid values ?

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