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OPC Server running out of memory.

26 Jul 2014 19:17 #2103 by support
The problem might be a true leak in the OPC Server, or it may be induced by a client, e.g. if the OPC client does not release what it should.

My guess is that independent of which of the above is the case, it shows only with QuickOPC because we automate the connections and disconnections, and with the usage pattern you described, it is likely that the connections and disconnections are made frequently.

I suggest that you first try to increase the "hold periods", I.e. amount of time the connection is kept open by QuickOPc after an operation has been performed.

You can increase the time the connection is held by setting a property in HoldPeriod, e.g. for 2 minutes:
easyDAClient.HoldPeriods.TopicRead = 2*60*1000;

and the same for the TopicWrite property.

Best regards

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25 Jul 2014 16:09 - 25 Jul 2014 16:10 #2100 by jbritton
I'm using an EasyDAClient to connect a C# service to a SISCO AX-S4 server located on the same chassis. There are several hundred tags I'm reading and writing to the server every 20 seconds or so. I can watch the memory foot print on the OPC Server climb until it hits about 1.9 GB, then it crashes. We use these OPC Servers in other applications (with Java) and the memory footprint never climbs above 7 MB. What am I doing wrong/need to adjust? It's like it opens a new connection for every write and never closes the connection. Help! :(
Last edit: 25 Jul 2014 16:10 by jbritton.

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