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System.OutOfMemoryException while reading OPC UA with COM and Visual Basic 6

28 Jun 2023 14:53 #11852 by abiegert
The problem is solved. Before I declared every second a variable with a new EasyUAClient to read or write tags. This caused the OutOfMemoryException. Now I have one public variable for the EasyUAClient.
Thank you.
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30 May 2023 14:42 #11776 by support

This can be a memory leak caused by improper COM reference counting - either something on your side (although it's not so easy to make such mistake in VB6), or on our side.

Can you reduce your code to a reproducible scenario that we would be able to run here and diagnose? (connecting to some available OPC UA server - either our public demo server, or some server for which a PC-based demo can be obtained).

Best regards

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30 May 2023 09:24 #11773 by abiegert
I use version 2022.2 for OPC UA. The program used is Visual Basic 6 (COM). OS Windows 10
The program does cyclical reading (1 sec.) with the function “ReadItemValue”. But as I encountered that tags that change on the server are not reflected with the new values with reading, I added a subscription of tags like below:

MonitoringParameters.samplingInterval = 500
For i = LBound(arrDB102Tags) To UBound(arrDB102Tags)
MonitoredItemArguments(i).EndpointDescriptor.UrlString = OPCMachine
MonitoredItemArguments(i).NodeDescriptor.NodeId.expandedText = arrDB102Tags(i)
Set MonitoredItemArguments(i).MonitoringParameters = MonitoringParameters
MonitoredItemArguments(i).SetState (Format$(i))
Set myMonitoredItemArgumentsArray(i) = MonitoredItemArguments(i)
Next i
handleArray(1) = myEasyUAClient1.SubscribeMultipleMonitoredItems(myMonitoredItemArgumentsArray)

From time to time some values are written with “WriteValue”
All works well, but after about 26 – 28 hours it is beginning to have errors. Mainly it is:
“Eine Ausnahme vom Typ "System.OutOfMemoryException" wurde ausgelöst. (-2147024882)”
Mostly some further readings are ok again, then this error comes again or sometimes other errors:
Mindestens ein Fehler ist aufgetreten. (-2146233088)
Out of memory (7)
Can be some more good readings, but after 30 or 60 seconds the program crashes completely.
I tried to unsubscribe and subscribe again when I get such an error or after 24 hours. But that didn’t help. It is not a problem with the RAM of the computer.

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