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Run time is over the limit in license "Multipurpose", serial number 1111111120.

08 Apr 2022 05:17 #10792 by support
thank you for your interest in ou rproducts.

The expected behavior is as follows:

Without the license(s) installed, a trial license is in effect. All product features work, but for 30 minutes of each process run only. After that, you will start receiving "Run time is over...".

With the license(s) installed, product features enabled by the license work without run-time limitations. Product features not enabled by the license, however, will return an error right away (not after 30 minutes). The error is typically "Option not allowed...".

The Enterprise Edition does not contain OPC UA PubSub features (see ). For that reason, EasyUASubscriber examples are expected to return license error. OPC UA Client-server examples (with the EasyUAClient component) should work.

Is the behavior you observe different? If so, how?

I somewhat doubt that you really need EasyUASubscriber, because OPC UA PubSub market penetration is still very low. But if you do, you will need the Ultimate Edition.

The usual OPC UA Client-Server stuff should work well with your Enterprise Edition.

Best regards
The following user(s) said Thank You: RicardoT

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07 Apr 2022 20:30 #10791 by RicardoT
Our Company has just Purchased a license a few weeks ago and I have it active in the license manager but I still seem to get this run time over the limit message. I am trying to modify a VB6 code that we will be using for a test coming up and don't want this to occur during the test. The VB6 code will be an executable and connected to a local network OPCUA. I am getting this message while even running the EASYUASubscriber in the VB6 example. How is it saying this is a trail license if I have it active under the license manager? Even with the license active I get this message Failure: Option not allowed in license "Multipurpose". The license you are running does not allow the use of the option invoked. Obtain and install proper license to resolve this error. [...]

The only reason we purchased the license was to integrate VB6 with an OPCUA connection.

Thank you,

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