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Runtime is over the limit despite purchased and installed license

13 Dec 2017 07:12 #5720 by dvrstrae
Thanks for the quick reply. We see this both on the development machine and on machines where the application was deployed to (whereby the necessary registry keys from the development computer were also created on the deployment machines by the installer as per the documentation.)

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13 Dec 2017 06:42 #5719 by support

are you running the your application on the same computer you have used for development, or are they on different computers?


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13 Dec 2017 06:06 #5718 by dvrstrae

we are building an application using QuickOPC .Net and very recently purchased a Professional license - Single Developer and unlimited deployments. The license was installed without issues (see screenshot attached). However, when running our application for longer than 1/2h, we get an exception from the OPCClient stating that the Runtime is over the limit. Specifically:

'Run time is over the limit in license "Multipurpose". The license you have (most likely trial version) does not provide valid data after certain time period expires. Note that after the component's process is simply restarted, valid data will be provided again. Obtain and install proper license to permanently resolve this error.
Component name: "QuickOPC", license IDs: "Multipurpose", version number: 550, release date: 8/2/2017, trial validity: 210 days, option name: "EasyDAClient"., ErrorCode=-1'.

I am running QuickOPC 2017.1. I have already reinstalled QuickOPC, no change. Please advise or tell me which additional information I can provide to fix this.

Thanks and kind regards.

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