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Which DLLs are needed for ReadItemValue, WriteItemValue

21 Sep 2014 06:40 #2318 by support
This is covered in the "Application Deployment" section of the "Concepts" document, and there is a lot to be covered that cannot be repeated here, so please refer to the document for the explanation. It is installed with the product, or online here: .

For the functions you mentioned, you do not need OPCUSerObjects.exe. You will typically install easyopcl.exe and easyopcm.dll, easyopct.dll.

The "Application Deployment" section also describes prerequisites needed for the whole solution to work, such as the "OPC Core Components 3.00 Redistributable".

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21 Sep 2014 06:19 #2312 by support
From: P.
Sent: Friday, September 19, 2014 2:12 AM
To: Zbynek Zahradnik
Subject: RE: QuickOPC Download Form - ...

Hello Z., [...] I have the following questions regarding the distribution and installation of your software while using it as COM:

1. Question 1: If I register easyopct.dll and run OPCUserObjects.exe with the switch /RegServer on a new computer I cannot see OPCLabs.EasyDAClient , which other dll(s) do I need when using COM with just ReadItemValue and WriteItemValue ?


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