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DCOM vs. OPC Tunnelling

11 Feb 2011 18:19 #275 by support
Replied by support on topic Re: DCOM vs. OPC Tunnelling
I think that is no reason to use OPC tunnelling, and it is actually better to stay with (remote) DCOM, if:

your system allows you to and you are able to configure DCOM security properly, and
you do not have problem with DCOM traffic versus firewalls.

Best regards,
Zbynek Zahradnik

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11 Feb 2011 18:15 #274 by support
[split from]
I am glad it works well. I will now split the topic so that the DCOM/tunnelling question can be dealt with separately. Here is a copy of the original request:

"One more question: Do you have any opinion about using Remote DCOM instead of Matrikon Tunneller. So far, we have been using Tunneller, because of reconnect-option. We had to use it anyway, even on local servers, because there was no reconnect in out old OPC-client. With EasyOPC, this has changed, and I have now been testing connection to a remote server simply using DCOM, and it works fine. Communication is even reestablished after server restart. So we consider using this solution for new projects, and save heavy license costs."

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