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Getting 'Read not completed' and 'Write not completed' errors while trying to read from Softing.OPC.S7

18 Jul 2019 15:33 #7548 by support
(I have split the forums thread because now it is about a different issue.)

It depends on which dialog component you are using. The one that is just for selecting the OPC DA Item is called DAItemDialog, and the access to the properties is "short": See .

Then there is a very universal and powerful OpcBrowseDialog, which can be configured to do various things in the OPC Classic realm. Its description is here: . The power it has is reflected in a more complicated API, that's true.

It looks like that you have switched to a different component, so it is no surprise it needs a different code.

The documentation gives an example (below the picture) of what to set and where to get results. What you have written is basically correct. You set your initial "position" using InputsOutputs.CurrentNodeDescriptor. For single-selection (the normal case), you can get the information about the selected node from the same place (InputsOutputs.CurrentNodeDescriptor) back. In some cases, it is advantageous to obtain the results from Outputs.CurrentNodeDescriptor instead. This is because the Outputs contain *more* information than you put there for input. For example, from the Outputs, for a server node, you can get information about a server vendor, supported specifications etc. But we cannot ask you to provide that information on input.

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18 Jul 2019 08:33 #7545 by LuisGar
Ok, Thanks, I am trying to update my application to the new libraries, but since at least the documentation were well writen it would be more helpful,

here an example of what I mean.

Before I was able to read a collect the item selected in this way


now is


nested into 2 layers deeper. is it actually the correct way to collect the data from this form??

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