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Writing of values doesn't work

26 Mar 2017 10:02 #5036 by support
Correct me if I am wrong, but I do not see anything that would actually invoke the Write.
It looks like that you have picked just part of the procedure for configuring the Write ( ). There were other steps needed, such as:

In order to have the Write invoked when the button is pressed, set the WriteEventSource.SourceComponent to the Button control; the SourceMember of the WriteEventSource will be automatically set to the Click event. This causes the Click on the Button execute the Write operation, i.e. obtain the value from the control and write it into the OPC item.

The event that causes the Write may be different, depending on your needs, of course. It is also possible to write multiple values at once - see .

I hope this helps

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23 Mar 2017 08:39 #5032 by rhoerner
Thank you, the reading of OPC-Values works fine now. Perfect!

But the writing of values doesn't work. I put a second textbox in the form and I configured it in the same way. Additional I did the following thing, like you describe it in the docu:

//How to configure this feature:
//On a TextBox (or similar control), use "Bind to Point" command and select the OPC-DA item (or OPC-UA //node) you want to write to.
// Then, use the "Edit Live Bindings" command, and for the BindingOperations options, select only //"Write".

What's the problem for writing? I add the current VS-Project, so may be you find the problem.

Thank you very much for helping.
Best regards

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