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Can't make a Write on an OPC-UA Server

07 Sep 2015 17:12 #3547 by crecre1
Hi support,

Thanks for your quick answer. You were right it was a type issue.

Best regards,

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07 Sep 2015 16:51 #3546 by support
Can you describe the symptoms in more detail? Is it so that the Write simply appears to be ignored?
Note: If so, this could be due to an error during writing. In Live Bindings, such errors are not, by default, displayed anywhere; you need to create another binding, set the MappingKind to ErrorMessage or a similar result property, and bind it to e.g. another textbox, or a tooltip. There are examples of that in the UALiveBinding project.

A common problem when writing in OPC-UA is that the servers are *not* required to convert the incoming values to the type of the node/attribute. Writing e.g. a text to an integer attribute will then fail; but there are less straightforward cases that fail as well: E.g. there are many types of integers (Int32, UInt32, Int16, UInt16, etc.), and often the type needs to be matched precisely, too. It is quite likely that this is your problem. It can be resolved by properly setting the ValueTypeCode property in the binding editor.

Best regards

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07 Sep 2015 14:41 #3545 by crecre1
Hi everybody,

I just discover the Quick OPC and it's really impressive and user-friendly. I only have one problem.. I can't write a value on an OPC-UA server ! I attach the Live Binding editor panel

Thanks you !


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