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Additional Files


License Manager

If all you need is to install a license into an existing runtime deployment of QuickOPC on Windows, links below may come handy. The are plain EXE-s that you can save to your computer and run. They have no dependencies, and no installation is required.


Connectivity Explorer

The Connectivity Explorer application allows you to navigate through hierarchy of OPC Data Access and OPC Unified Architecture servers and data nodes. You can subscribe to data changes, and view the results live.

Connectivity Explorer is normally installed together with QuickOPC. It is, however, also available separately from this site. The version on the Web site may be newer and contain pre-release features that are not yet available in the stable QuickOPC version.


UA Configuration Tool

The UA Configuration Tool (by OPC Foundation) allows the user to inspect and manage various aspects of OPC UA functionality on Windows computers.


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