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What product would be appropriate for using OUR program as an OPC server?

18 Jun 2020 17:21 #8602 by support

the information I was given before, IIRC, was that your partner's product is running KepserverEx somewhere, and that is primarily an OPC Server. In that context, it would make sense to use our QuickOPC product, which is a toolkit for OPC Client development.

If your customer has an OPC client, then yes, you'd need to have some OPC server on your side. We do not have a product for that.
You can consider using an open source library for it (see - but beware of the licensing condition - your code will have to become open source unless you become OPC Foundation member), or a commercial library (Google for them - e.g. from Unified Automation).

Also check that products like cannot do the job.

Sometimes two OPC clients are made to communicate by putting an OPC server in the middle; the server does not talk to any technology, it just has in-memory tags that are used to read/write from either OPC client side.

Best regards

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18 Jun 2020 15:50 #8601 by gprresources_opc

We have an automation application that in non-PLC and non-OPC, which uses a .NET C# platform together with MS SQL Server 2017 to collect automation data.
A customer has requested the ability to use their OPC CLIENT to pull data directly from our application.

As I understand this, it means we would essentially need to develop our own OPC SERVER interface to our SQL data, OR use some kind of data exchange interface that allows making requests to our system (potentially directly to SQL server) and pulling our data (from SQL Server) in an OPC compliant format.

I see that your OPC tools would allow us to use .NET C# to create an OPC CLIENT, that can PULL data from genuine OPC servers, but I do not think that is what we need to do. We don't need our app to be a CONSUMER of OPC data... it needs to be the PROVIDER of OPC data to any compliant OPC client program (which would be a 3rd party, or in this case, our customer using their own OPC client software of choice... which may be yours).

Do your tools allow us to create an OPC data PROVIDER either directly from SQL SERVER or via an application that we can create with C# that will SERVE data to an OPC client? Or is there some direct-to-SQL tool that you can recommend which creates an interface that OPC clients can connect into?

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