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Excel RTD - Data Refreshing stops for 5 seconds

29 Oct 2019 09:44 #7887 by support

I have some questions that would allow us to steer the investigation better:

1. Is your connection to the server using security (signing, or signing+encryption)?

2. Besides having cells that show the actual data values,k do you also have cells mapped to status, and error messages, associated with each node? If so, what do they show when this happens?

3. When it happens, are all items coming from the same server affected at the same time, or do some work OK while others are stalled?

4. If you are using more OPC servers on the same sheet, are they all affected at the same time?

Thank you

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29 Oct 2019 07:48 #7886 by Enrico

we work with the excel option, which is really cool, because one can use all the powerful functions of Excel.

There is one thing which is a bit annoying. Every now and then the data refreshing in Excel stops for about 5 seconds.

The throttle rate in Excel for the RTD is already properly set, thus that we can receive and display data, with an acquisition rate of 5 Hz.

I wonder if you have an idea, in which direction I could take a closer look to identify the problem. I was thinking, some component tries to establish a network connection, and than after a time out, continuous with nominal operation. The RTD Server, Excel? Did you have a similar problem before?

Kind regards

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