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Public Global Discovery Server (OPC UA)

OPC Labs runs a public Global Discovery Server (OPC UA) that you can use for your explorations and tests. The server is located on opcua.demo-this.com, and its endpoint URLs are:

Our example code also refers to this server, so that the examples can be run without having to set up a server locally.

The server is based on the code from OPC Foundation. It implements the Global Discovery and Certificate Management Server profile as specified in the OPC Unified Architecture Specification Part 12: Discovery Release 1.03.

GDS Users

The sample GDS server only implements the username/password authentication. The following combinations can be used to connect to the server:

  • GDS Administrator: appadmin/demo . This user has the ability to register and unregister applications and to issue new certificates. It should be used by the GDS Client application to connect.
  • GDS User: appuser/demo . This user has only a limited ability to search for applications.
  • System Administrator: sysadmin/demo . This user is defined for server push management and has the ability to access the server configuration nodes of the GDS server to update the server certificate and the trust lists. Server push configuration management is not a requirement for a GDS server and only supported here to demonstrate the functionality.

The global discovery server accepts any incoming secure connection with an authenticated user.

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