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Public OPC UA Sample Server

OPC Labs runs a public OPC UA sample server that you can use for your explorations and tests. The server is located on opcua.demo-this.com, and its endpoint URLs are:

Our example code also refers to this server, so that the examples can be run without having to set up a server locally.

The server is based on the sample server code from OPC Foundation.

For OPC UA Alarms&Conditions, see Public QuickStart Alarm Condition Server (OPC UA).


0 #2 OPC Labs Technical Support 2016-08-07 19:43
This is simply one of the sample servers provided by the OPC Foundation. The source code used to be available to corporate OPC Foundation members only, but it is now available on GitHub under dual license.
+3 #1 Jared Beach 2016-08-04 16:02
Is there source code for the sample server that I can download or is it private?

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