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Welcome to OPC Labs!

OPC Labs, an independent software vendor, develop advanced software based on OPC technology. We provide commercial off-the-shelf automation software.

Our flagship OPC toolkit, QuickOPC, is a set of OPC components allowing rapid client application development using wide range of programming tools and languages.

Featured Product: QuickOPC


With QuickOPC, you can forget pages of complicated code and get results with a few lines of code using a programming tool and language of your choice. Benefits...


The simple code below (in C# language) reads and displays an item value, using QuickOPC in .NET:

// Read item value and display it in a message box 
"", "OPCLabs.KitServer.2", "Demo.Single").ToString());

The code below subscribes to changes of an item, and displays the value with each change:

// The callback is a lambda expression that displays the value 
    "", "OPCLabs.KitServer.2", "Demo.Single", 1000,
    (_, args) => Console.WriteLine(args.Vtq.Value));

No other product can do this in such a clear and concise code, in a single statement! The programming is straightforward, and the developer can focus on getting the work done and not on fighting the intricacies of OPC protocols.

The same code simplicity is maintained in other programming languages. Click the link to explore the corresponding examples in Visual Basic (VB.NET).


OPC Certification

QuickOPC (by the means of its Connectivity Explorer application) is certified for compliance by OPC Foundation Certification Testing Laboratory. For OPC Unified Architecture, it is the first product of its kind (.NET-based client toolkit) that has been awarded this certification.


Interoperability Commitment Recognition

We put extreme importance to interoperability, i.e. the ability of our software to work well with broadest range of OPC clients and servers. This is achieved by expert knowledge of OPC specifications, in-house testing with wide range of OPC tools from other vendors, and regular attendance on so-called OPC Interoperability Workshops, where vendors around the globe assure that their products are compatible. This dedication to interoperability is reflected in the recognition given to us by OPC Foundation president:

OPC Foundation Member. In recognition of demonstrated commitment to greater interoperability beteen: field systems/devices, automation/control applications, and management/office applications. Thomas J. Burke, OPC Foundation President